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CeleDial User Manual

[Introduction] [Features] [Installation] [How to Use] [Menu] [Settings] [Tips] [Disclaimer] [Register]

I. Introduction

CeleDial is a must-have smart dialing assistant for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Phone), it helps you locate contacts in a simple, convenient and quick way.

CeleDial is a shareware, you can evaluate it for 20 days. If you want to register CeleDial, please see Register.


II. Features
  1. Fast & Easy to Use: The program integrates seemlessly to the dialing interface, it takes advantage of the numerical screen keyboard, and uses very little system resources. It is very easy to use, and running fast.
  2. Smart Matching: Filter by contact name and/or tel. number with smart-matching feature.
  3. Command Customization: Customizable user shortcut menu for IP call, conference call and many other application extensions.
  4. Wide Support: Supports phone contacts, SIM contacts and Call History.
  5. Compability: Running on Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/2003 Pocket PC Phone, fully supports QVGA, VGA.


III. Installation
  1. Installation: Connect your Pocket PC to a computer with ActiveSync installed. After building up a partnership, double-click the EXE setup file and follow the instructions on screen. Or, you may goto the 'CAB Link' in download section on products page using Pocket PC Internet Explorer, and download the CAB Installer directly to your device. Once the download is complete, the installation will begin.

    The dialing program will be temporarily disabled during the installation, and it is suggested that the program be installed in the Main Memory. Installing the program on Storage Card may cause it not to load up at PPC start up.
  2. Uninstallation: CeleDial can be removed in 'Start->Settings->Remove Programs'.Before uninstalling the program, please close it from "Dialing->Tools->CeleDial Settings->Menu->Exit". If you accidentally closed CeleDial, it will be re-launched by pressing any key on the Dialing Numberical Keypad.


IV. How to Use
  1. As you dialing the numerical screen keyboard, CeleDial will list the matching contacts for you.
    • Search Full Name: returns all contacts name starts with the input, e.g. "ind" (463 on numerical keyboard) matches "Indiana Johns". If Any Pos is ticked, input "diana" or "joh" also returns "Indiana Johns".
    • Search Name Initials: returns all contacts name match the input initials, e.g. "ij" (45 on numerical keyboard) matches "Indiana Johns" and "Indiana,Johns". If Any Pos is ticked, input "ij" also returns "W. Indiana Johns".
    • Search Phone Number: returns all contacts number starts with the input, e.g. 07915 matches 07915123456. If Any Pos is ticked, input 123 also returns 07915123456 .
  2. Once a contact is selected, you can perform one of the following actions.
    • Press Action to call the contact with the shown number. If "Override Hard Dial Button" is enabled in Options, you may use the hard dial button to perform the same action. Otherwise, the hard dial button is used to dial the actual number you entered.
    • If the contact has more than one number, left/right direction key can be used to switch the numbers.
    • Tap and hold a contact will popup the command menu, in which you may choose to send text message, make IP call etc. (see Command List).


V. Menu
  1. You can open the CeleDial setting screen by selecting "Menu/CeleDial Settings" in the dialing interface, in which you can also find the CeleDial Menu.
  2. Tap and hold the stylus in the number display (just above the numberical screen keyboard) window will also popup you the CeleDial Menu.
    • Refresh: Refresh contact list.
    • Options: Open the CeleDial setting screen.
    • Command: Open the "Command" screen in settings.
    • Help: Show this help.
    • About: Open the "About/Register" screen.
    • Exit: Close CeleDial.


VI. Settings
  1. Options: main options of CeleDial.
    • Enable Smart Dialing: Enable/disable CeleDial.
    • Override Hard Dial Button: Use hard dial button to call a CeleDial contact, otherwise the hard dial button is used to call the actual number entered. If selected, the screen Talk should be used to call the entered number.
    • Show Item Index: Show numberical contact index.
    • Search Full Name: Match input with contacts full name.
    • Search Name Initials: Match input with contacts name initials.
    • Search Phone Number: Match input with contacts telephone numbers.
    • Load Phone Contacts: Load contacts on the phone.
    • Load SIM Card Contacts: Load contacts on SIM card. CeleDial stops reading the SIM contacts once it meets an empty item, so please keep the contacts on SIM card in sequence.
    • Load Call History Contacts: Load contact in Call History. CeleDial will automatically filter out the duplicated items and refresh whenever there's any change in the Call History.
  2. Command: View and edit the commands in CeleDial contact popup menu.
    • Add: Add a new command.
    • Delete: Delete the selected command.
    • Up: Move the selected command up one line.
    • Down: Move the selected command down one line.
    • Command List: List the commands in CeleDial contact popup menu. Single tap to select a command, double tap to edit it.
      • Link with max xx numbers: Maximum numbers to link with for a contact (e.g. if a contact has 5 numbers, and Repeat is set to 2, only the first 2 number will have this command linked). Set 0 to hide this command.
      • Name: Name of the command. Name and Command both support macros:

        %n Name
        %p Number
        %t Type of the Number (Mobile, Work, Home etc.)
        %a All Numbers
      • Command: The command to execute. There are three types of command:

        1). If the command includes ".exe", the EXE file will be executed (see Send Message command).
        2). If the command includes ":" (comma), the system shell will be called to execute it. E.g. command "mailto:%p?body=%y" will open the email program.
        3). Otherwise, CeleDial will dial the command. E.g. +44 %p.
  3. Help: Show this help file.
  4. About: Open the "About/Register" screen.


VII. Tips
  1. How to change the IP call prefix and IP card number/password?

    Open "CeleDial Settings/Command", double tap "IP call" command, then modify the prefix and format if necessary.
  2. My phone has a square screen, it shows only one CeleDial contact at a time, how to display more lines?

    You can tap the bottom of CeleDial contact list window will enlarge it. Tap again will restore the window size.
  3. How to display all contacts?

    CeleDial supports widecard character *, a * represents a phone number digit. So you can enter * to show all contacts or filter them by phone number length. Note that maximum of 999 contacts can be displayed at a time.
  4. Is there a way to list the full Call History?

    Tick "Load Call History Contacts", "Search Full Name" and "Any Pos" in Options, enter # in the dialing window will return all Call History. Input "unknown" will return all numbers from unknown contacts.
  5. How to dial numbers not in the contacts?

    You can use the screen Talk button to dial the entered number. Or if "Override Hard Dial Button" in not enabled, you can also use the hard dial button to call the entered number.


VIII. Disclaimer
  • The Author of this Software expressly disclaims any warranty for CeleDial. The CeleDial product and any related documentation is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of CeleDial remains with you.
  • By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms of End User License Agreement.


IX. Register
  • CeleDial is a shareware, you can evaluate it for 30 times. For support/sales information, please contact support@efficasoft.com or visit www.efficasoft.com.


WWW: www.efficasoft.com
E-mail: support@efficasoft.com
Distributed by Efficasoft Co., Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Yonsm.NET, All Rights Reserved

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