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CeleTask User Manual

[Introduction] [Feature] [Installation] [Menu] [Action] [Dialog] [Command] [Tips] [Disclaimer] [Thanks] [Register]

I. Introduction
CeleTask is a powerful Task/Process Management Tool for Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC.

CeleTask is written by Yonsm, and is distributed and supported by Efficasoft Co., Ltd.

CeleTask is a shareware, you can evaluate it for 30 times. If you want to register CeleTask, please see Register.


II. Feature
  1. Task Management: Include New Task, Close task, Switch Task and View Task Properties.
  2. Process Management: Include Terminate Process, View Process Properties.
  3. Tool Management: Tool box with full customization support.
  4. Hot Key Customization: User can assign a hot key for any command.
  5. Built-in Utilities: Include Power Status, Memory Status, Free Memory, Reboot System, Shutdown System, etc.
  6. Command Line Support: Support command line for any command. CeleTask can execute any menu command in command line.
  7. Full Support: Support Windows Mobile 2003/5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC; Support VGA/QVGA and standard size screens.
  8. Easy To Use: All of above, within an executable file only less than 60 KB.


III. Installation
  1. Installation: Connect your Smartphone/Pocket PC to a computer with ActiveSync installed. After building up a partnership, double-click the EXE setup file and follow the instructions on screen. Or, you may goto the 'CAB Link' in download section on products page using Smartphone/Pocket PC Internet Explorer, and download the CAB Installer directly to your device. Once the download is complete, the installation will begin.
  2. Uninstallation: CeleTask can be removed in 'Start->Settings->Remove Programs'.


IV. Menu
  1. Action: See Action.
  2. View: Include view command.

    Tasks: Switch to Task view.
    Processes: Switch to Process view
    Tools: Switch to Tools view.

    Refresh: Refresh the current view and status bar.
    Prev View: Switch to previous view.
    Next View: Switch to next view.
    Page Up: Page up.
    Page Down: Page down.
  3. Utility: Include built-in utility.

    Reboot: Reboot system.
    Shutdown: Shutdown system.
    Free Memory: Close all tasks, and post WM_HIBERNATE message to all windows to free memory.
    Power Status: View battery status, voltage, current, temperature, and so on.
    Storage Status: View memory and storage information.
  4. Options: Include application settings.

    Show Exclude: Show all items, even if the item is excluded.
    Show Index: Show item index.
    Show Icon: Show item icon. You can disable icon for speed .
    Show Alert: Show alert for some critical command.
    Show Status Bar: Show status bar for power and memory information.
    Exit After Go To: Exit application after execute Goto command.
    Hot Key: See Hot Key dialog.
  5. Help: Include help information.

    Help: Show help document.
    E-mail: Contact support@efficasoft.com
    WWW: Visit CeleTask web site (http://www.efficasoft.com/CeleTask).
    About: See About dialog.
  6. Hide: Hide CeleTask. You can recall CeleTask in background by press and hold CeleTask hot key (default is 0).
  7. Exit: Save settings and exit application.


V. Action
  1. In Tasks View:

    Go To: Switch to active window of the selected task.
    Close: Close selected tasks (without any alert).
    Properties: View task properties.
    Exclude: Toggle exclude item (for some system task).

    Close All: Close all tasks (without any alert).
    Close Others: Close all tasks except the selected (without any alert).

    New Task: See New Task dialog.
  2. In Processes View:

    Modules: View process modules.
    Terminate: Terminate the selected process forcedly.
    Properties: View process properties.
    Exclude: See Exclude in Task view.
  3. In Tools View:

    Execute: Execute the selected tool.
    Edit: See Tool dialog.
    Delete: Delete the selected tool.
    Exclude: See Exclude in Task view.
    Move Up: Move up.
    Move Down: Move down.
    Add Tool: See Tool dialog.


VI. Dialog
  1. New Task: Type the name of a program or shortcut, and CeleTask will open it for you.
  2. Tool: Allows user to add to edit tool item.

    Name: Name of tool.
    Path: Executable or shortcut path (You can see a browse button to browse file path on Windows Mobile 5.0. This feature is not supported on Smartphone 2003).
    Arg.: Optional argument.

    Replace Right Key: Assign the tool item to Right Key on Home Screen.
    Replace Start Menu: Replace Start Menu command (NOT recommended).
    Replace Quick List: Replace Quick List command.
    Replace Voice Notes: Replace Voice Notes.
    Startup Automatically: Create shortcut in Start Up folder.
    Create Shortcut: Create shortcut in Start Menu.

    All operation can be undo by uncheck the check box. Replace operation is not available in Pocket PC.
  3. Hot Key: View or set hot key.

    You can navigate between items by Up/Down Key (These two key could not set as hot key for other purpose).
    Press key to set or clear hot key.
    Support Press-and-hold hot key by long press the key. But some system key such as Back/Record/Volume+/Volume- could not set as Press-and-hold hot key.
    You can recall CeleTask in background by press and hold CeleTask hot key (default is 0).
    If Enter key is not set as hot key, the default behavior of Enter is active the selected item.
    If Num key is not set as hot key, the default behavior of Num key is active the corresponding item.

    Default Hot Key List:

    *: Close Task/Terminate Process/Delete Tool; Long press to Close All Task
    #: Task Properties/Process Properties/Edit Tool; Long press to New Task/Add Tool
    Left: Prev View; Long press to Power Status
    Right: Next View; Long press to Storage Status
    Back: Exit
    Record: Show Exclude
    Volume+: Page Up
    Volume-: Page Down
    Num0: Refresh; Long press to  recall CeleTask in background.
  4. About: Show program version, copyright, license build stamp and support information.


VII. Command

You can pass any menu command to CeleTask. Command ID can be get from Hot Key dialog. e.g.:

  • Show Tool view: CeleTask.exe 1012
  • Show Power Status, then Exit: CeleTask 1053,1003
  • Show Process view, then show About dialog, and then Refresh view: CeleTask.exe 1011,1033,1013

If CeleTask is running, the command will be sent to the running process, otherwise, the command will be executed by the current process.


VIII. Tips
  1. How to put the status bar to top?

    Edit the Registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CeleTask\Flag, add the original value by 1 (e.g. 502 to 503).
  2. How to export tool item?

    Export all Tool* in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CeleTask\. You can add/edit tool item quickly in Windows PC by this way.
  3. How to avoid critical operation for task?

    When you close task, CeleTask will send WM_CLOSE message to target window, to close task safely. If the target window is no response to WM_CLOSE, CeleTask will close the task forcibly. You must be careful in the operation, because CeleTask do Close command without any alert.
  4. How about Power Status command?

    Some information about power status are not exact on some machine.
  5. How to assign CeleTask to Right Key on Home Screen?

    Enable Show All option, then you will see a tool item named CeleTask in Tool view. Edit the CeleTask tool item,  you can assign CeleTask to Right Key on Home Screen (or other replacement).
  6. How to speed up CeleTask?

    Disable Show Icon and Show Status Bar in Options menu, then you can get a good performance improvement.
  7. What's the meaning about CeleTask version?

    No more tips about this:)


IX. Disclaimer
  • The Author of this Software expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT and any related documentation is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT remains with you.
  • By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms of End User License Agreement.


X. Thanks


XI. Register

CeleTask is a shareware, you can evaluate it for 30 times. For support/sales information, please contact support@efficasoft.com or visit www.efficasoft.com.


WWW: www.efficasoft.com
E-mail: support@efficasoft.com
Distribushed by Efficasoft Co., Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Yonsm.NET, All Rights Reserved.

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