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v1.5.0 Build4860 - March 09, 2012
Express Signed & published in Nokia Store.
Performance improvement.

v1.3.9 Build4450 Beta - March 27, 2009
Fixed the problem with Open Symbian Signing

v1.3.9 Build4443 Beta - March 06, 2009
NEW: Multi-language support - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian
NEW: Runtime screen rotation/switch supports
Improved Go To - much easier to use!
Improved Waypoint file & POI folder management
Added map move speed setting options
Fix a small bug in World Map view
Many other improvements + overall update to Symbian Signed standards

v1.3.1 Build3860 - November 21, 2008
Update: refresh date & time only when satellites fixed
Fixed ref. point setting problem with south/west coordinates

v1.3.0 Build3824 - October 07, 2008
Added "Start GPS at Startup" option
Added "Turn On Bluetooth at Startup" option
Added "Load POI at Startup" option
Fixed issues in E90 internal screen display
Fixed a small bug in POI/Waypoint/Destination parser
A few small improvements

v1.2.0 Build3720 BETA- September 26, 2008
New: E90 internal screen support (beta)
New: Google KML and GPX format track log
Fixed several regional number format related issues (e.g. ref. pt info reading problem)
Fixed setting lost problem on N95
Fixed font problem on E70

v1.1.5 Builld3218 - September 03, 2008
Fixed setting lost problem on some phones
Fixed a bug that may cause early trial expiration

v1.1.0 Builld2572 - August 21, 2008
New Feature: Location API/Built-in GPS receiver support
Fixed setting lost problem

v1.0.1 Builld2197 - July 10, 2008
First release


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