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Before installing this Special Version, please first try the STANDARD VERSION v1.2 FOR POCKET PC!

Some recent Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC establish GPRS connection in a different way that standard version of Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC cannot monitor. This special version v1.11w is especially built to target the issue.

This special version shares the same registration with standard versions. If you purchased Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC before, you don't need to purchase again.

Fully supports Windows Mobile Pocket PC (2002, 2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6), Square, screen rotation and VGA (480x640) resolution.

  • Monitor multiple connections simultaneously.
  • Today plug-in with GPRS traffic display.
  • Friendly interface design, detailed usage statistics at a glance.
  • Connection status and IP address display.
  • Multilanguage support - English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
How to Use

  • Make sure your phone can access the Internet via GPRS.

  • Go to 'Start->Settings->Connections->GPRS', you will see things like "O2 Internet", "Orange GPRS", "Orange WAP" or "Cingular MMS" etc.
    The Internet, GPRS and WAP ones are normally the connections you want to monitor.

  • Open the connections you want to monitor ("Menu/Edit" or simply press the "Action" key), make a note of their "Access Point" (e.g.Orangeinternet).

  • Launch Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC v1.11w, go to "Options".

  • In "Monitor Connections", you will see items like "RndisFn", "RNDISFN1", "WWAN1" and "WWAN-xxxxx-1" etc. The "WWAN-xxxxx-1" ones are what we want to look at, where "xxxxx" should be the name of those "Access Point" (e.g. WWAN-Orangeinternet-1) and corresponds to the connections in step 2. Simply select/check the ones you want to monitor and press "Done".

  • "RNDISFN1" is the ActiveSync connection established between your PC and the phone. It can also be monitored if you want.


    Thanks to Manuel Boenke for the German translation, and his great help in beta-testing Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC v1.1!

    Thanks to Jean-Roger CONDAT of www.MobiSmart.net for the French translation!

    Thanks to Lee Sainsbury and James Whittaker for testing v3.02 on Orange C550!

    Thanks to Dimitri Spazov ofwww.portalPPC.com for the Portuguese translation!

    Thanks to Inter-Ware srl - www.inter-ware.it for the Italian translation!

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