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Efficasoft GPS Utilities is also available for:
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Efficasoft Mobile Express (Recommended)

FREE desktop manager for Efficasoft GPS Utilities.

  • POI, waypoints & destination list management
  • Map calibration
  • NMEA & track log viewers

Download now!

eSpeak Text-to-Speech Engine (Recommended)

The eSpeak TTS engine is written by Jonathan Duddington, it is a free open source program distributed under GPL license, here is a (command line version) Windows Mobile port by Efficasoft.

The eSpeak engine produces very clear/acceptable (great in our opinion) voice comparing to its price (which is free) and size (so compact that less than 2MB in size).

Please note that this WM port is only built to evaluate the possibility of using eSpeak on WM devices (Smarphone & Pocket PC), and is tested and solely served as a command line TTS Text-to-Speech (WAV file) tool.

eSpeak Windows Mobile Binary Build (On Device Install)
Filename: eSpeak-1.29-wm.cab
File size: 796KB

Full source code
Filename: eSpeak-1.29-wm-source.zip
File size: 1.22MB

The eSpeak homepage is: http://espeak.sourceforge.net

POI Management & Map Calibration Tools

POIView - a free PC-side companion for Efficasoft GPS Utilities. Fully support GPS Utilities POI format and Map Calibration. Highly recommended!

  • Map-based POI management
  • Map calibration
  • Trip replay
  • Internet POI collection download
  • Print & HTML-Export functions

Visit POIView website
Download POIView
POIView User Manual (PDF format)

Track Log Converter

Track Log --> KML converter by Nicolas Pinault
Track Log --> GPX converter
GPX --> CSV converter

POI Download


Reference Point/Waypoint Information


Map Download



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