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v3.5.0 Build4786 - December 31, 2010
Supported in Mobile Express
Fixed menu problem on WM6.5.3

v3.4.0 Build4740 - January 01, 2010
Fixed all identified bugs from last release.
Added statistics reset function.

v3.3.0 Build4492 - March 27, 2009
Combined Smartphone & Pocket PC setup package & product title.
Improvement: World Map view zoom level/state maintaining
Improvement: Off-line track display
New language framework - more languages to come!
Fixed bug with Enable Track Log

v3.2.0 Build4206 - March 06, 2009
NEW: Full GID (GPS Intermediate Driver) API support
NEW: GPX file import function
Improved Go To - much easier to use!
Added GPD port and 115200 baud rate support
Added startup trial notice
Added check update function
Fixed a bug that may cause "Start GPS" freeze
Fixed a small bug in World Map view

v3.1.1 Build3192 - November 21, 2008
Fixed ref. point setting problem with south/west coordinates

v3.1.0 Build3155 - October 07, 2008
New: Auto-scale lat & lon lines in World Map view
Corrected the <time> format in GPX track log
Fixed a small bug in POI/Waypoint/Destination parser

v3.0.0 Build3059 - June 30, 2008
Overall code optimization & restructuring
Motorola Q9 series & Samsung BlackJack II built-in GPS receiver supports (SP only)
eSpeak TTS engine support - now you have VOICE Go To Navigation!
Google KML & GPX format track log
Auto "Start GPS" at program start up
Go To navigation range/radius control
New trip statistics view
Option to enable/disable auto-load POI at start up
Stop device from hibernating (PPC only)
Fixed a bug in Kalman filter
Many small improvements & fixes

v2.0 - October 31 2007
Advanced "5 Sec. Avg." & "Kalman Filter" NMEA processors (high precision navigation)
"Go To" navigation function
Waypoint & POI Manager
Trip Statistics
Night View mode
Full screen map view (Pocket PC)
Customizable speed alarms & track interval
+ Many other improvements

v1.27 - May 17 2007
Added function that disables Home Screen time out when GPS connected
New Recent Maps menu in "Menu/Map"
Added Help/User Manual information
Fixed bug that caused Insert GPS Coord. not functioning on PPC
Fixed Baud Rate setting lost problem on some devices
Corrected a few German translations

v1.25 - April 16 2007
Fully supports Program Port on WM5 PPC (PPC only)
Fixed registration information lost problem on some devices
Added Satellite Used information
Added speed, course and altitude information to Track Log
Improved GPS Info display on horizontal screen
Improved Storage Location selection option
Some small interface improvements & bugs fixed

v1.2 - January 11 2007
Fixed bug that makes COM Port appear unselectable in GPS Setup
Some small improvements

v1.1 - November 07 2006
Keep GPS setup in Auto Search mode
German language support
Auto switch Bluetooth on/off
Keep backlight on
Log NMEA data -> Text file
Select storage location (Phone / Storage Card)

v1.0 - August 28 2006
First release



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